Looking for the best-quality natural asafoetida? Come to SS Enterprises. We are the epic centre for pure and natural asafoetida. From being an essential supplementary ingredient in the kitchen for adding a smooth flavour to dishes and, to adding medicinal values, from being an effective remedy for different types of diseases like whooping cough, asthma, ulcers, stomachaches, influenza, etc., asafoetida has vibrant uses for day-to-day life. We are equipped with all contemporary amenities to produce natural and uncontaminated asafoetida. We are occupied producing and supplying supreme-quality asafoetida in the form of powder, bars, and cubes. We are also engaged in supplying raw materials for our varied customers.  enterprises? Come to SS Enterprises. We have an array of asafoetida products that can be catered to all of your homely as well as industrial requirements   


Plain Asafoetida Cube                                                      
Compounded Asafoetida Cube                                       
Asafoetida-Rice Flour Blend Cube                                
Asafoetida-Turmeric Blend Cube                                  
Asafoetida with Other Spices Blend Cube                   
Asafoetida Compound Cube                                          
Asafoetida Powder
Plain Asafoetida Powder                                               
Compounded Asafoetida Powder                               
Asafoetida-Rice Flour Blend Powder                            
Asafoetida-Turmeric Blend Powder                              
Asafoetida with Other Spices Blend Powder               
Asafoetida Compound Powder   

Thajiki kabuli

Thajiki kabuli (patle paste)

Afganisthan kabuli

Irani rusk

Excel kadda



White peernakshir

Black peernakshir

Peernakshir dana



Nukra 1

Nukra 2

Arabic gum white

Arabic gum red

Arabic gum black                                                                                                                       


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